Vigilant Shield

Vigilant Shield

Monitor precisely, alert immediately, report accurately – and do it all remotely

Comprehensive monitoring accessible anywhere there is internet


Manage operations by exception instead of spending hours on site


Real-time SMS, phone and email alarming to an unlimited number of people


Store sensor readings and trends in the cloud for easy access


Log and report alarm acknowledgments and non-acknowledgments

Vigilant Shield’s capabilities enable you to:

  • Manage multiple units, make programming changes, and capture real-time status conditions from a simple web-based interface.
  • Notify an unlimited number of people by email, text, or voice phone calls in the event of an exception
  • Log and report alarm acknowledgments, non-acknowledgment, and configuration changes, providing solid verifiability.
  • Store sensor readings in the cloud for easy access and review, with unlimited log storage and built-in data loss protection.
  • Audit alarms, configuration changes, and acknowledgments/non-acknowledgments.
Feature Vigilant Shield™ Competitor
12 Analog or Digital Inputs X
130,000 Local Backup Readings X
Local and Remote Logging Included X
Real Time Reporting and Logging Included X
Alerting Tiers and Escalations X
Alerts on Unit Health X
Audit Trail X
Configuration Copy and Roll Back X
Connectorized X
128-Bit Encryption X
Expandable X
Leak Detection X
Robust Scheduling X
Unlimited Notification and Burst Support X
Unlimited Remote Logging X
Powers Sensors X
Sensor Agnostic X
Wired and Wireless X
Simple Installation X
Local A/V Alarming X
Over the Air (OTA) Updates X
24-Hour Backup Power X
Local Visual Alarm Identification by Sensor X