The VC Difference

14 ways Vigilant Controls is changing flow management

By combining easy set-up and operation, long-term cost savings and superior functionality, Vigilant Controls pump controllers are transforming the industry. Discover how you can improve your pumping operations by making the switch to VC-D1.

  1. Precision control: The VC-D1 pump controller has been designed to work in jobs with tolerances from loose to tight. For that reason, the controller manages engine speed down to individual RPMs, ensuring you get the exact RPM you need for the job. VC-D1 provides granular control of any diesel pump, up to 25 times improved over the majority of existing controllers in the market. This precision control prevents chatter and allows for True PID control automatically adjusting pumping in real-time, to allow a single pump to dynamically match the changing demand of a system. This is done automatically after setup, without human interaction, and faster than any operator can do it.
  2. Remote Access: The VC-D1 pump controller provides unprecedented monitoring and control of your diesel pump fleet in a wide range of applications including mining, municipal, agriculture, oil and gas, sewer bypasses, and beyond. This can all be done remotely, from anywhere in the world, saving you on labor and travel costs, as well as time and hassle.
  3. Built tough: The VC-D1 pump controller is designed from the ground up to handle your toughest jobs. We use high quality aluminum, and manufacture with skilled craftsman in the USA. Robust weatherproofing, potted and sealed components, and a metal enclosure protect the controller and, as a result, the very success of your job. The unit even has a pressure equalizer to ensure operation in any environment at any altitude.
  4. Safety: The VC-D1 pump controller has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Every unit comes with a large and clearly labeled E-Stop, that can easily be easily daisy-chained between multiple units. This allows large and complex jobs to be safely shut down in one place. You can even set up different groups of pumps to be shut down by different linked E-Stops. Each unit has a large multicolored daylight visible stack light on a three-foot standoff, to make it easy to see from anywhere on the job. The stack light has a piercing 99dB audio alarm to draw attention to users when there are issues that require immediate attention. The A/V light identifies which pump has the issue, making it even easier to manage.
  5. Survivability: The VC-D1 pump controller is designed from the ground up to not only survive the harshest environments but to thrive in them. The durable processor is protected by a robust weatherproof aluminum enclosure. This unit is designed to achieve IP67 environmental rating, far above and beyond anything else on the market. Given where you operate, why would you settle for anything less?

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  1. Job setup and teardown time: 10% of a pump’s operating cost is just the setup. If the pump moves more frequently, this cost gets even higher. Our easy-to-use setup wizard asks just three simple questions then self-configures. The unit also uses an international standard of finger-safe, waterproof, quick connectors. Many manufacturers support these connectors as a standard on their sensors, which means they can be connected with a single pre-molded cable, so no more splicing wires with butt splices, soldering, or messing with terminal blocks. There are even individual connectors for every accessory, which means no more dealing with spaghetti wires. These features all save substantial time, money and headaches on installations by reducing complexity and difficulty.
  2. Fuel savings: 30% of pump operating costs are just energy. True PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) is a special mathematical process used in situations requiring accurate and optimized automatic control of a system. By applying PID control, the VC-D1 pump controller ensure the pump and motor are always operating at their optimal RPM for the job requirements. Precision control allows finer adjustments to motor speed than is possible with conventional controllers. This combination reduces on-off cycling or jumping to high RPMs because of the need to chase the flow. Typical savings are 5% of fuel consumption – which adds up fast.
  3. Maintenance costs: 20% of a pump’s operating cost is its maintenance, parts and labor. The use of an intelligent controller saves much more than just fuel. By avoiding the type of cycling that occurs with a traditional controller, both engine and pump step smoothly through RPM changes and run at stable, optimal speeds. This reduces overheating and maintenance costs, while greatly improving the operating life of your equipment.The VC-D1 pump controller is designed to reduce the wear and tear on your equipment and provide insight into its operation, including safeties like eliminating chatter on digital inputs and balancing analog inputs to eliminate turbulence in pits with radar gauges. This also reduces your labor and travel costs to troubleshoot your projects. Auto modes like True PID and recharge functions keep your equipment running optimally to reduce maintenance trips and supplies. The controller ensures the pump only runs when and as much as it needs to so this reduced runtime and engine load. Running at the correct RPM saves fuel but also reduces the cost of consumables like oil, coolant and filters. Typical savings on these can be another five percent on top of fuel savings.
  4. Downtime: 9% of pump operating costs are from downtime alone. The VC-D1 pump controller is designed with intuitive alarms, combined with inlet and outlet sensors. These allow you to have a 360-degree view of your equipment, in person and remotely, so you’ll know what has happened, what is happening and what will likely happen. This gives you the ability to adapt your maintenance to reduce downtime and increase operational efficiencies. You’ll know what needs to be done before getting on-site, or if a trip is even needed. A major pump rental company using another controller reports a failure rate of 10% per year. If the controller doesn’t work, the pump won’t work, and if the pump doesn’t work the job is stopped. Is it worth investing in an inferior product today, putting future jobs at risk?

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  1. Easy set up: The VC-D1 unit has a simple easy-to-use job setup wizard. The user answers three simple questions on the problem they want to solve, and the unit automatically configures itself to solve the job, no matter how complex. It’s that simple.
  2. Simple to operate: The VC-D1 pump controller has a robust 4.3” widescreen full-color display with backlit buttons. The unit’s buttons and control dial have haptic feedback, so you both see and feel what you select. These features are rounded out by easy-to-use colored and labeled IP67 quick connectors, providing superior protection from the elements, particulates and liquids.Need to add a radar gauge and some floats? Use the standard keyed Eurofast connectors. Most analog and digital sensor vendors offer these connectors standard on their equipment, so you only need a cable to connect to the VC-D pump controller. No more managing spaghetti wire, field splicing or soldering connectors.
  3. Less training and support time: Our controllers are designed with the end user in mind. They’re easy to install and the simple user interface with intuitive menu structure allows users to find what they need easily and quickly. Important information is on the main screen, which reduces training time and questions, making your job easier. This means fewer help calls and headaches for you and your team.
  4. Autonomous: Vigilant Controls’ products are designed to operate with minimal human interaction. The auto modes are all designed for set-it-and-leave-it simplicity, giving you peace of mind, knowing the pump is doing its job without your direct oversight. However, you can always check back in remotely, whenever you’d like.
  5. Force multiplier: The pump market is only going to get busier and more challenging. Jobs are farther away, have more complex requirements and more compressed timelines. The VC-D1 pump controller is designed specifically to address this. Simple interface and standard connectors reduce install time, so your employees can move on to the next task. The auto-modes reduce or eliminate the need for a person to be on-site, increasing the availability of personnel for other tasks. The remote function further frees up your employees. Adding in the inlet/outlet sensors, intuitive alarms and other features further alleviates employee workload. The pump controller acts as a force multiplier for your employees, and the extra time allows for more billable work. All combined, this can decrease costs and improve overall financial performance.

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