Frequently Asked Questions

The VC-D1 pump controller provides unprecedented monitoring and control of your diesel pump fleet in a wide range of applications including mining, municipal, agriculture, oil and gas, sewer bypasses, and beyond. This can all be done remotely, from anywhere in the world.

True PID stands for Proportional, Integral and Derivative which is a special mathematical process used in situations requiring accurate and optimized automatic control of a system. Our controller uses this for automatically adjusting pumping in real-time to allow a single pump to dynamically match the changing demand of a system. This is done automatically after setup, without human interaction, and faster than any operator can do it.

Vigilant Controls pump controllers work better, easier and at less cost. To learn about all the ways we’ve simplified operations and ensured precision control, visit our product Advantages section.

Vigilant Controls saves you money by freeing employees from manually checking and tracking flow rates. It reduces fuel consumption by employing True PID (see above), reduces maintenance costs by making pump operation more efficient and virtually eliminates costly downtime. Learn more about the cost savings.

Remote pump control means you don’t need experts on the site and will require fewer on site visits. Simple set up, teardown and operations also reduce required man hours. Learn more.

The VC-D1 pump controller is available for rent throughout the United States. List your location on the contact form and we’ll let you know the location closest to you.