Accessories Available for VC-D1 pump controller

Remote Control and Monitoring

The VC-D1 can be controlled and monitored via remote control from anywhere in the world. This control enables you to monitor fuel levels, saving on fueling labor by only fueling when you need to; monitor pump status, reducing service costs and facilitating preventative maintenance; and monitor overall job performance.

Digital Inputs

We can customize the way in which your pump controller is turned on or off, depending on your preferences.

  • Common Digital Inputs
    • Float: A floating sensor used to detect the level of liquid in a tank
    • Pressure Switch: Closes an electrical contact when a certain set of fluid pressure is met
    • Flow Switch: Mechanical switch that responds to the flow or non-flow of liquid

Analog Sensors

Our pumps are designed to work with different types of sensors to measure the level of liquid in the tank.

  • Common Analog Sensors
    • Submersible Transducer: measures liquid through the pressure on the transducer’s diaphragm, which is typically placed at the bottom of the tank
    • Radar Gauge: Uses radar to gauge the levels of liquid in your tanks
    • Ultrasonic Level Sensor: Uses advanced ultrasonic level measurement sensors to measure liquid
    • Flow Meter: Used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate
    • Pressure Sensor: Usually acts as a transducer, generating a signal as a function of the pressure imposed